Custom Built Lease Facilities

First Mutual Properties specializes in Custom Built Leasing Facilities. We create facilities based on your company’s individual needs and fair leasing terms. First Mutual Properties makes the facility and project completely custom from day one, everything is considered; from the location of the building, to the process in which the facility is created.

The Project featured to the right, is the 178,000 sq. ft. McKesson Canada Distribution Center, Located in Moncton, NB, Canada.

McKesson engaged First Mutual Properties through bid process for their highly specialized climate controlled 30' clear warehouse.  

Cutom Built Lease Facility

McKesson Canada's Moncton 178,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center

This building also features an expandable end wall so McKesson has the ability to expand over time. The Facility has been designed with two phases of expansion for an additional 129,311 square feet.  

McKesson Canada Moncton