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Custom Built Leased Facilities

First Mutual Properties specializes in Custom Built Leased Facilities. We design and develop facilities based on your company’s requirements and fair lease terms. First Mutual Properties makes the project and facility completely custom from day one, every aspect is considered; from the location of the building, to energy efficiency and the process in which the facility is developed.​

McKesson Canada's Moncton 178,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center

McKesson Canada engaged First Mutual Properties through bid process for their highly specialized 178,000 sq. ft. 30' clear height climate controlled distribution facility.  This development also features an expandable end wall, which allows McKesson to expand over time. The facility was designed with two expansion phases for an additional 129,311 square feet. 


First Mutual Properties successfully won the development of Parks Canada's collections and Conservation Facility through a tender bid process. The facility was constructed in 2009 and was the most sophisticated Parks Canada facility until 2020 when the Artifact Collection Storage facility was constructed in Quebec. 

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The purpose-built facility was constructed with concrete tilt-up construction spanning 22,000 square feet. The facility was divided into separate areas for laboratory, warehouse and office space. 

Parks Canada Collections, Curatorial and Conservation Facility

In 2023 First Mutual Properties will be developing an additional 12,000 square feet onto the back of the building for small bay industrial space for lease. 

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30 Estates Road 

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

B2Y 4K7

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